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  1. Plural of edge


  1. third-person singular of edge

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Edge is a colloquial noun to describe escarpments in England.
  • Edge, a small village north of Stroud, Gloucestershire
  • Edge, near Yockleton, Shrewsbury Shropshire
  • Edge, Cheshire, a small village and civil parish in the City of Chester district of Cheshire, England
  • Edge Hill, Warwickshire, an escarpment and hamlet in the county of Warwickshire, England, and site of the first battle of the English Civil War
  • Alderley Edge, a village and civil parish in Cheshire
  • Birchen Edge, a rock face in the Peak District, United Kingdom
  • Birds Edge, a small village in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Blackstone Edge, an area of moorland along the Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire county boundary
  • Brown Edge is a village and civil parish in the Staffordshire Moorlands district of Staffordshire
  • Fremington Edge, a wall of crags and scree slopes in the Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • Gardom's Edge, located near Baslow in Derbyshire
  • Kinver Edge, a high heath and woodland escarpment in Staffordshire
  • Moorside Edge, in West Yorkshire
  • Snods Edge, a small hamlet in South Northumberland
  • Wenlock Edge, a limestone escarpment near Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Science and technology

  • Edge (graph theory), a line segment joining two nodes in a graph
  • Edge (geometry), a line segment joining two vertices in a polytope
  • Edge case, a problem or situation that occurs only at an extreme (maximum or minimum) operating parameter
  • Edge of chaos, a phrase used to refer to a metaphor that some physical, biological, economic and social systems operate in a region between order and complete randomness or chaos, where the complexity is maximal
  • Edge connector, the portion of a printed circuit board consisting of traces leading to the edge of the board that are intended to plug into an edge connector socket
  • Edge detection, in image processing and computer vision, locating points in a digital image where the luminous intensity changes sharply
  • Edge (digital), when a digital signal changes level it forms an "edge" in the waveform diagram. This is sometimes used in edge detection like in flip-flops.
  • Edge device, an access device that provide entry points into enterprise or service provider core computer networks
  • Edge effect, the effect of the juxtaposition of contrasting environments on an ecosystem
  • Edge enhancement, a digital image processing filter that improves the apparent sharpness of an image or video
  • Edge Foundation, an organization of science and technology intellectuals
  • Edge Foundation (UK), an educational foundation that aims to improve vocational learning in schools
  • Edge-of-the-wedge theorem, in quantum field theory
  • Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE), a digital mobile phone technology
  • Explicit Data Graph Execution, a computer architecture
  • Bleeding edge, a description of technology that is so new (and thus, presumably, not perfected) that the user is required to risk reductions in stability and productivity in order to use it
  • Clock edge, in electronics, a transition in a clock signal from either low to high (0 to 1) or high to low (1 to 0)
  • Red edge, the region of rapid change in reflectance of chlorophyll in the near infrared range
  • Silhouette edge, in computer graphics, is the collection of points on a 3D body projected onto a 2D plane (display plane) whose outwards surface normal is perpendicular to the view vector
  • EDGE of Existence Programme, a research and conservation initiative that focuses on species deemed to be the world’s most Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE)





  • Edge Radio, a radio station in Hobart, Tasmania
  • The Edge (radio station), a New Zealand radio network
  • The Edge Radio Lucena, a radio station in the Philippines.
  • 104.1 The Edge, an Albuquerque, New Mexico Radio Station.
  • CFNY-FM, a radio station in Toronto, Ontario
  • KDGE-FM, a radio station in Dallas, Texas
  • KEDJ, a radio station in Phoenix, Arizona
  • WEDG, a radio station in Buffalo, New York

Fictional characters


  • Edge Act, U.S. legislation which allows national banks to engage in international banking through federally chartered subsidiaries
    • Edge Act Corporation, a corporation chartered by the Federal Reserve of the United States under the above
  • Edge Church, an Assemblies of God megachurch in Adelaide, South Australia
  • Edge city, an American term for a relatively new concentration of business, shopping and entertainment outside a traditional urban area, in what had recently been a residential suburb or semi-rural community
  • Edge (educational foundation), organisation promoting practical and vocational learning in the UK
  • Edge jointing, the process of making the edge of a wooden board straight and true in preparation for edge joining
  • Edge-to-edge tiling, a type of tiling
  • Edge pull, in figure skating, a skill that allows the skater to gain speed while skating on one foot by rocking between inside and outside edges
  • Edge Wireless, an American mobile phone provider
  • EDGES with Mal Fletcher, a documentary TV series presenting evangelical Christian views on social issues
  • Ford Edge, a midsize crossover vehicle
  • Straight edge, a subculture that is closely associated with hardcore punk music
  • West Michigan Edge, an American soccer team
  • Edge (rock band), an alternative rock band based out of Houston, Texas
  • The Edge, an attraction at the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia
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